Successful Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

No longer can real estate agents solely rely on the location of their listings to spark interest and close a sole. Real estate agents need to take a proactive approach towards developing leads, which generate listings that turn into sales.

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Here are six proven real estate lead generation strategies;


Email your clients, and prospects information, twice a month, information and data that they can’t get anywhere else. The same holds true for direct mail marketing pieces. Become the “expert” in the local marketplace.


Focus on a specific demographic when attempting to generate leads, instead of trying to capture the whole marketplace. Again, become the expert, the “authority”, the person who knows everything about a specific part of town.

Online Strategies

Employ the power of online video’s, not just of YouTube, but other online video outlets. The more coverage you have, the more opportunity for individuals to see your offerings. Show what’s for sale, provide market statistics, provide a “what’s my home worth?” feature, and have a blog of relevant information that may prove to be beneficial to readers.


Always be prospecting where ever you may go, such as the dentist, the supermarket or even at church. Smile, be happy, be conversational, with strangers. The person that you pass by may be in the market for a new home. There’s the old cliché, “You don’t ask, you don’t get.” Always have business cards to pass out.

Passive Expires

Track down all expires in your demographic, and geographical domains, and offer a “come on”, such as a Starbucks or Panera’s gift card, to suggest a meeting to discuss taking on their property and listing it. It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your abilities face-to-face, and sign a new client.

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